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The Halliday website is an initiative of a joint project between Student Learning Unit at the University of Western Sydney and (HengXing to add China institution). Its primary aim is to promote Halliday's work in Systemic Functional Linguistics. It also aims to provide Chinese scholars with easy access to resources through the Chinese version, a mirror site of the English version of this site.

We would like to invite you to contribute your ideas and material to this site, in particular we are seeking for Halliday's photos, interview transcripts, original works. For details of contributions please see the 'Conctributions' link above. All contributions will be acknowledged on this site.


English version: Dr Dai Fei Yang, Student Learning Unit, University of Western Sydney (MA in Applied Linguistics, Sydney University, 1986, PhD in Education, Sydney U 2007, Grad Cert in Multimedia and Online Publishing, Charles Sturt University, 2001, BA in English and Literacy, SCNU 1982)

Chinese version: Professor Hengxing Her, To Add